Jordan & Sarah’s Sunrise Beach Wedding – Chicago, IL

by cpadgett

December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas from Chris & Rachel!

We have been slaving away in front of the computers, sifting and editing photos, designing photo albums, etc.  And Rachel’s been juggling that along with laundry, cooking, cleaning, and a host of other things as well.  All that to say, we haven’t made a visit to our blog in a while.

So, in continuing with our wedding blog posts, I wanted to share this beautiful wedding as the second one in our series featuring input from the bride.
Thanks so much Jordan & Sarah for taking time to share your memories with us and our readers.
Here’s Sarah:

  “Our wedding was on Oak Street Beach in Chicago, IL.  We chose this location because it has a lot of meaning to us and our relationship. We both lived near this beach when we first met and we spent every day walking along the shore as we got to know each other and start dating. Jordan proposed to me at sunrise at this beach and we thought it would be perfect to complete the circle and get married there as well. We chose to get married at sunrise and start our marriage at the very beginning of the day!”

A Favorite Moment:  “A memorable moment for me (the bride) was coming down the aisle. We had asked our friends and family to stand in two single-file lines facing each other to make our actual aisle. It was so wonderful to walk down the aisle on my dad’s arm and look every single one of my friends and family in the eye. I got to smile and exchange nods or laughter with each person as I came down, while also having the sun rise just over my soon-to-be husband’s head. Everything looked so beautiful and I was so happy.”

The Dress: “I had a really hard time finding my dress because I knew from the start I didn’t want the typical wedding dress. I didn’t want strapless, poofy, or a long train….which is exactly the only style that most stores carry. My sister found this dress and brought it to me and I knew from the second I put it on that it was THE dress. It is a 1940s Hollywood glam style with a high neckline, open back, tight, and dripping with pearls. I wore a birdcage veil with it that included a 1950s brooch from my grandmother. I love my dress because it felt so unique and fit my style and personality exactly.”

Inspiration:  “Overall, we just wanted simple, intimate, and a touch of vintage if possible. However, as we continued planning the wedding, pearls kept coming us as another theme. My dress was covered in pearls and we carried that over into the reception with pearl details. The only decorations we had at the beach were our ribbon wands in bright colors that lined our aisle and the flower petals dropped from our flower girl. We did it as simple as possible and let the beach, the lake, and the sunrise do the decorating. Overall, we wanted this to be a wedding that people remember.”

Favorite Photo #1:  “We love this photo (above) because it captures the celebration and joy of the day with our friends and family. It’s so fun to see everyone waving our ribbons and it makes me happy all over again just to look at it.”

Favorite Photo #2:  “We went from originally planning a 250 person big-bash wedding to changing it to an intimate beach wedding with our favorite people. It meant a lot to us to have our closest friends and family celebrate with us and we wanted to have a photo to remember everyone who was there.”

Wedding Party:  “Both Jordan and I are identical twins. In keeping with the simple sentiment of our wedding, we only had one person stand up for us on either side, and that was our twins. It was so fun for us to have our other half stand up and be our witness while we got married to our better half. :)”

Merry Christmas!



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