Barbara & Nick’s Robot-Love & Polka Dot Wedding – Anchor Village, Shippenville, PA

by cpadgett

August 29, 2012

What can I say about this wedding?  The amount of details and the theme they chose for their wedding was completely AWESOME!  Barbara and Nick have been some of our favorite people to photograph, because of how fun they are!

So, naturally when they told us they were going to have a robot-love theme in their wedding, we knew we had to take advantage and make some robot arms and heads to go along with it (scroll down for snuggly robo-mance photos.)  But that was nothing compared to all the details they came up with for the wedding (including some robot restroom signs!)

Okay, I’m gushing over this stuff, because by all the work they put into it, they made a visual feast for the two of us.  Plus, they’re great people too.

Thanks so much Nick and Barbara and congratulations!!



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